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For those who like to look ahead to the year in fashion, there’s often too much focus on clothing, and not enough on events and opportunities. Yet certain occasions throughout any given year offer perfect opportunities to showcase one’s sense of style. For example, consider the popular concept of race day fashion at major horse races.

Really, horse racing events can be enjoyed in any number of ways that extend beyond the track, which is perhaps why they’re such popular sporting activities. Betting is perhaps the first activity that comes to mind in conjunction with these events. Using the UK’s upcoming Cheltenham Festival as an example, online sports exchange Bet Fair has been busy with activity for weeks already, catering to racing supporters’ desire for updated odds and bits of news. With fresh details on which competitors are expected to perform well and who the favorites are for major races, this site allows fans to enjoy the spectacle even more thoroughly.

Similarly, the food and drink aspect of horse racing events tends to command a lot of attention. Many of the best races in the world occur at tracks full to bursting with outstanding food and drink options, with the aforementioned Cheltenham Festival specifically offering restaurants in view of the race tracks.

However, nothing stands out as an extra feature of major horse races quite like race day fashion. The iconic image is that of a well-dressed woman smiling and wearing the sort of elaborate, oversized hat adorned with laces and ribbons that is typical of horse racing events. However, men typically dress up quote noticeably for these events as well! So with that said, here are some items and tips we’d recommend for 2014 race day fashion, based on the London and Milan fashion week content for men (keep an eye out for Style Division articles summarising both of those events in the future).

Race Day Fashion Essentials

Hawaiian Shirts

Often seen as tacky, gaudy items, Hawaiian shirts were featured by Prada at the Milan fashion show. Their casual, thin, flowing nature, combined with bright colors, makes them fun selections for race day fashion for those looking to go a bit informal.

prada milan race fashion prada milan race fashion 2 prada milan race fashion 3

Oversized Suits

For those who want to dress up a bit more for race day, an oversized suit is a great option that still feels fairly casual. Oyster Mag makes note of the Milan show trend as a throwback to the Ace Ventura look, referencing the popular Jim Carrey comedy, but for the spring and summer of 2014 it’s a very trendy look.

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Day Bags

You may want a bag for a full day at the races anyway, and judging by A Stylish Cocktail’s peek at London Fashion Week looks for men, day bags are looking particularly trendy for the seasons ahead. There’s a lot of variety here, but a worn-looking bag with a shoulder strap can do you no wrong!

races fashion bag A clutch bag from the Armani AW13 collection races fashion bag

Watches & Pocket Squares

This is not so much a specific SS14 trend, but it’s a concept that all men headed to horse races should keep in mind. Accessories are always encouraged at these events, and whether that means wearing a stylish watch when you wouldn’t normally do so, tucking a pocket square into your suit, or even sporting a pocket watch, you should always go a bit overboard! I’m sure my good friends from Winston’s Legacy can sort you out in that department.

races fashion bow ties

With these tips and a bit of personal style, you can add a wonderful event to your 2014 calendar. And just as others take full advantage of the races, the excitement of betting, and the fine dining at mainstream races, you can turn heads with your fashionable approach.