You’ve just passed your driving test. You’ve got the freedom of the road, so now all you need is a set of wheels. It’d be nice if they looked good, but there’s probably only so much you can afford. And don’t even start on the insurance.

But you can dream, right? If you just had another £90,000 to spend, or £40,000. Come to think of it, even another £10,000 on top of what you were planning to spend could land you a real head-turner. What if you’ve been behind the wheel for a little while now and want to put those ‘first time driver’ cars behind you?

Here then are five of the best-looking cars on the market this year – and the most attractive things about some of them are their less-than-supercar prices. Whether it is in the short or long term, add them to your wish list:

Jaguar F-type Coupe

Whether you’re looking at this or its soft-top stablemate, the F-type is every bit a classic Jaguar, sporting just the right blend of grace and sleekness on top and powerful menace beneath the bonnet.

The sleek design was envisioned by Ian Callum, a former  Director of Design at Aston Martin so touches of class and elegance are ever present.

£51,000 to £92,000

jaguar villains campaign


Something becoming more obvious as car manufacturers strive to snuff out carbon emissions is just how efficient many of the most attractive vehicles can be. The third-generation Audi TT is one such example, with its diesel version capable of 50mpg while rocketing you from 0-60mph in a touch over 5 seconds. It may look very similiar to the original, but that’s because Audi isn’t daft enough to mess around with the car’s winning, flowing lines.

£29,800 to £40,300

audi tt car design 2015

BMW i8

OK, this is priced like a supercar. But it’s easily one of the most distinctive cars around. Its sweeping looks stem from BMW’s desire to make the i8 slice through the air with minimal resistance. Less friction means more miles to the gallon and the i8, even though it can go from 0-62mph in only 4.4 seconds, can eke a staggering 135mpg out of a full tank. It also boasts two electric motors and is exempt from road tax, too.


bmw i8 car design 2015

Citroen Grand C4

Whisper it, but style doesn’t have to come at the expense of practicality. The p-word is one no young driver wants to hear, but parents looking for something that stands out in the supermarket car park will love the Grand C4. It looks like a motor show concept with its raking windscreen, vast expanse of glass and striking headlight array. It’s cheap to run, too, with its smallest diesel engine happy to stretch to more than 70mpg.

£20,000 to £28,500

citroent c4 picasso car design

Renault Twingo

Perfect for newly qualified drivers looking for a dash of easy-to-manage cuteness, the Twingo is a classic wheel-in-every-corner city car. Its tiny size and sheer back-end make it easy to park, while its compact 0.9-litre engine gives it plenty of nip.

Oh, and the engine’s installed in the boot, which gives it marks for individuality and a London taxi-esque turning circle.

(£9,500 to £11,700)

renault twingo 2015


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