Remember those times you didn’t go to bed in time as a kid and the fight you used to put up with your parents? How much would you give for that to be the biggest worry in your life right now? In our days filled with meetings and irregular coffee get-togethers it’s easy to lose track of the moment and really focus on the present.

Next time you have some free make sure to make the most of it and simply go for a wander. No phone, no music and no notifications. That second point is the hardest for me as I’m not seen out in public without an ostentatiously sized pair of headphones adorning my neck.

I chose to explore the opposite side of the Embankment as the architecture around the old Great Scotland Yard building is rich and diverse, almost begging to be photographed. The Victoria Embankment Gardens are also a stones throw away and serve as the perfect background for my mindless wander.

As much as I tried to run away from loud noise, the gardens had another idea and of course there was an orchestera performing a live rendition of the Star Wars soundtrack during my visit. If any of you follow me on Snapchat (add: styledivision) you would have seen performances of classic tracks from all 6 films as well as a few 50 year olds reliving what must be some cherished childhood memories.

1984 orwellian future london paranoid android

In central London though it’s difficult to find some privacy as recent research shows there’s a CCTV camera for every 14 people in the city. I really liked the picture I captured (above) as it shows a fantastic juxtaposition between the classic integrity of The Royal Horseguards Hotel and one of the modern cameras overlooking the street below.


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