Wearing high fashion every day is an unachievable dream for many of us, who have to resort to shopping in Primark and New Look when we want something new for our wardrobe – even Topshop can be on the expensive side. However, it’s very easy to incorporate high fashion trends into your everyday looks without blowing your budget. Here’s how:



There are plenty of websites out there that offer high-end brand names for a fraction of the price they are usually sold for. TicWatches is a good example; say you’re looking for a new designer watch, then head onto their store and pick up a stunning Armani ceramic chronograph design for £299 (RRP £499).

Be savvy with where you shop and you can still enjoy wearing high fashion pieces. Online has made it much easier to compare companies and prices so before venturing out make sure you do your research.



Nike Airs are having a moment in the spotlight, with fashion bloggers pulling on pairs in fun pastel colours and teaming them with high fashion pieces.

Instead of handing over £50-70 for your very own pair to mirror their look, head to somewhere such as New Look, which sell similar styles but without the logo. You’ll achieve the same look without looking like a walking brand advert.



If you can’t bear to not own at least one statement designer piece then treat yourself, once a year, to something from a high fashion brand.

Set aside a budget and a date and save towards it each month, it could be for a designer handbag, some sunglasses or shoes that you lust over each time you go in the store. If you take care of it throughout the year, many of your outfits can be centered around it as a base.



Renting out designer clothing is now a new way of achieving your high fashion dreams, and website Rent the Runway is leading the way. Many women buy expensive evening dresses or shoes that they only wear once or twice, but renting might be a smarter option – you get a beautiful, high fashion dress for the evening and then return it without any guilt.

For men it’s slightly more complicated but there are companies such as Littlewoods who provide renting services.



Many of us base our high fashion choices on what we see our favourite celebrities wearing but what we don’t realise is that many are now wearing high street brands that we can afford.

ASOS, Topshop and H&M are the most popular choices for many with celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner and Jessica Alba all swapping designer brands for affordable high street brands.

Keeping an eye out on the latest street style is also a good idea. Oliver Cheshire and David Gandy are always regulars at these shows so make sure you pay attention.

The only way to truly make high fashion affordable is to find a suitable alternative. You might argue that it won’t last as long but with regular use the high fashion item will still look worn quickly.

You can replace a £25 quilted rucksack from New Look that looks worn after a few months but that £1,250 Mulberry backpack is a little more costly to replace and will see wear in the same places unless you keep it protected in plastic wrap and wear protective gloves when handling it.

Think smart when it comes to achieving a high fashion look and keep those pennies safe at the same time.