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Over the coming months I want to bring more stylish brands to your attention and show that style does not have to come with a steep pricetag. A few weeks ago I caught up with Robert Leung, the co-founder of Amorstil Watches and found out more about the company and his own personal style.

Style Division: How did the idea behind Amorstil Watches originate?

Robert Leung: Amorstil Watches started when my friend/cofounder Alex and I were searching for a watch that cost less than $100–I had a budget that I wanted to stick to, and I really struggled to find a watch that I liked within that price range.

While I was searching for a watch, I realized that many well-designed watches cost at least $100. What I soon discovered was that many watches were marked up for resale by middlemen retailers. So I began to design the first version of Amorstil Watches.

Amorstil wants to reduce the friction for consumers searching for well-designed watches by focusing on selling directly to consumers online while maintaining our affordable retail prices of $50 USD.

SD: In your opinion what makes a great watch? How does a brand stand out from the pack?

RL: Classic watches stand out because of details. Is there too much going on on the watch face? What color is the case? Can it easily compliment your style of clothes and accessories in 2015?

That last point is what we really focus on. We wanted a watch where you didn’t have to worry about whether it was too big, too small or too busy. We just wanted it to be simple.

amortsil stylish 2015 watches

SD: Do you have a stylish watch you wear every day?

RL: Currently I wear a watch from the company Akribos. It’s a very basic black watch. When I was first looking to buy one, I needed something to go with my dress code at work: black belt and black shoes.

I also wanted something with style that l could wear out. I’m a pretty slim guy and I didn’t want a watch that was too large or flashy, pertaining to the size or cost. I found it for about $100 dollars. It’s worked great and gets many, many compliments from people because of its simplicity and eye catching design.

SD: Can you tell me more about the Amorstil Watches? Are they handmade? A heritage brand? What unique features do they offer?

RL: Amorstil Watches is working on bringing back a timeless classic design in watches. I believe what makes us stand out is that our watches are built with quality in mind while retaining a great price.

Our pricing strategy is competitive and allows both watch enthusiasts and accessory lovers to pick up a stylish timepiece without stressing about the cost.

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SD: Name 4 essential items every gent must own this winter.

RL: Boots. Doesn’t matter if they are “winter can go to hell” boots like Sorel or a pair of nice Chelsea boots, just make sure to tailor them to the style you’re going for.

A beard. For some, that will be scruff. For others, go James Harden style. Just make sure to keep it clean, not the scraggle forest you had in no-shave-november.

Sweaters. Sweaters are becoming simpler and cleaner, from the fit to the removal of logos. Use it for layering under your suit and heavy jacket this winter.

Tech-friendly gloves! Except these might not have to be updated every year like your phone.


1 – ASOS Chelsea Boots in Leather

2 – Man up and grow one

3 – Hartford Two Tone Shetland Melange Sweater

4 – Rag & Bone Carson Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

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new watch designs sleek leather new watch designs sleek leather

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