Famous Manchester born philosopher Karl Pilkington once said “a problem solved is a problem caused”. This is further backed up by French scientist Blaise Pascal who in 1654 wrote “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” I kid of course about Karl but sometimes he does come out with some profound quotes. If you think about it your life is a constant paradox. Life continually gets out of hand and becomes more unpredictable while we try our hardest to make it look like we have our shit together.

View From The Shard

There is an importance to solitude. Dedicating time to yourself and becoming at ease with ones own thoughts is an important part of personal development and understanding. Solitude improves your focus and appreciation for the smaller things in life. Things like yoga and meditation are becoming ever popular as they allow you to collect your own thoughts and see things that may have otherwise been overlooked.

the shard architecture

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Photography Journal

black and white london photographyblack and white london photography

the shard black and white photography londonthe shard black and white photography london

Its easy to categorise things as black and white. Whether it’s an argument or a simple difference of opinion I don’t think one side is ever 100% correct. At best there are several shades of grey that you have to get through to get some small glimmer of understanding. For me it’s fascinating watching debates as you can see the passion someone exudes when they’re fighting for something they believe in. For them it’s not just a matter of a black and white but about getting a full spectrum of understanding about the issue at hand. There’s something very commendable about that.

black and white london photography

The Lookbook

It wouldn’t be a Style Division post without a sprinkle of fashion thrown in so for my latest outing i grabbed some brogues, tartan trousers from Topman and a navy coat from Zara. A plain white oxford shirt and jumper is a classic combination so throw those in the mix and you’re done. 10 minutes tops and you’re on your way 🙂

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