Every time I visit Italy my train passes Bologna and I just can’t help but jump out, even for a couple of hours. Bologna boasts a one of a kind atmosphere that’s hard to replicate, even with other Italian cities. As the touristy crowds flock to Milan or Florence, Bologna holds its own with a long mediaeval history, intricate architecture and best of all – amazing locals.

Bologna, Italy

bologna glass

I was born in Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine so I feel that Bologna and its architectural style remind me of my childhood. As you grow you begin to have a deeper appreciation for the smaller things in life many take for granted. Luckily my phone doesn’t work properly abroad so instead of staring down I look up and try to find pleasure in geometry. An intersection of straight and curved lines, Bologna with its many porticoes and medieval Roman buildings is always a delight.

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I started this blog for myself, not for anyone else. I wanted to have a space that reflects my vision of the world rather than just dumping pictures on Facebook and forgetting about them. I want you guys to come on this journey with me. My writing may not always be the best but believe me I’m trying 🙂 While in Italy I decided to try my hand at poetry. All that wine and culture must have got to me and I had an insatiable urge to write something from within. You can check it out below:

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“Come take me young demons away from this slump

Come take me to where we started from

The years they went by and we thought we’ve not changed

But our heart’s had enough of this mess we’re in

You’ve snapped enough times for that title to ring true

But deep down you know the gem’s always been you”


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