camden street art fraffiti

Over the past decade London’s appetite for street art has shown little sign of slowing down. Starting with Shoreditch, street art has spread as far as Dulwich, Walthamstow and Camden. Having spent the best part of a year living and exploring Camden and it’s surrounding areas I thought i’d put together a small glimpse into this growing culture.

Organisations such as Real Art of Street Art (RASA) and the Camden Markets Group have given up many of their buildings and hoardings for painting. Artists such as Hunto, Sr. X, Alice Pasquini and my personal favourite Dan Kitchener (DANK) have pieces that adorn walls around both Camden and Shoreditch.

Although Camden has long been a musical centre of London, it’s only fitting that street art finds a new home there as creative forms of expression usually go hand in hand.

Amy Winehouse is of course an icon around these parts and I have managed to spot over half a dozen unique murals dedicated to her. It’s actually a fun game to explore Camden and see how many Amy Winehouse and John Lennon pieces you can spot in hard to reach places.

Camden Market is currently undergoing a massive rejuvenation to bring it up to date to the 21st century which means a sizeable portion of the market has had to be knocked down and redeveloped. Before the demolition crews had their fun I managed to sneak around and grab some pictures of the pieces that likely won’t exist this time next year. Who says art is disposable eh?

My time in Camden was short and sweet and it was fantastic to be surrounded by creative and energised individuals who simply want to enhance the cultural impact of the area they live in. Camden is renowned the world over and with the emergence of the street art scene in London it’s likely to propel it to yet unknown heights.


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