camden streets cover

Time really does fly and last week I realised that it has been a year since I made the big move to London! On one hand I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of this city but on the other I’m really proud of all the things I managed to accomplish over the last 365 days. This post will serve as a ‘pic dump’ as there’s no unifying theme, I just wanted to share some of my Instagram snaps that otherwise would never see the light of day.

Camden has actually been very hospitable to me, barring a few late night adventures and scary canal walks it’s actually one of the most vibrant places in the capital. The market is always teeming with people and the side streets give you a chance for some quiet exploration. Most people associate Camden with the markets and the music scene but that’s just the start of it.

Over the next few days I will be expanding my ‘Ode to Camden‘ by talking a little bit more about it’s architecture and the blossoming street art scene. There’s also a small lookbook I want to share as autumn is upon us and a wardrobe rethink has got to be in order.

Cherry blossoms adorn the streets in spring and luscious greenery spreads like wildfire in the summer months as the seasons dictate the colour palette of the area. Most of these photos were taken on an iPhone 4 which in my opinion still has one of the best cameras around and it’s versatility and colour capture is yet to be matched by my new Android device.


black and white building face london

As most things in life my time in Camden was very black and white but you kinda need the black moments to truly appreciate the white ones 🙂 Make sure to visit Style Division in the next few days to see more from Camden Town or read my latest Photo Journals from The Shard and Barbican