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Gentlemen, remember the term, ‘stylish casual wear?’ It’s understandable that a lot of you may have forgotten… after all, we’ve got lives to attend to, so who cares what we wear while we’re doing it? Men, I’m sorry to say, if you agree with the above statement, then it’s time for a huge wakeup call. Get out your notepads, because I’m about to remind you what casual wear for stylish men is all about.

How is casual style defined? Simply put, it’s mixing chic and stylish items with more casual pieces, e.g., wearing suit pants with sneakers, or matching a slick blazer with jeans and a casual t-shirt. That’s how the casual look is defined. But, be careful not to mix sweatpants with moccasins! That’s a big no-go. The casual style feeds on subtlety. Feeling scared? Daunted? No need to worry. To help you out, we have selected the top menswear trends to help you redefine your wardrobe for 2017.

Neutral Tones

Wearing a single colour is always a winning bet: it’s simple and efficient. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the trends of 2017 will see the appraisal of your dependable, neutral colours. Wear pastel shades to enjoy the warmer, spring season, or go for the classic with a ‘total black look.’

Indeed, it all depends on the way you want to look. We advise you to opt for black, grey or neutral beige shades for a more elegant and modern style. The hardest with uniform styles is to look staid. To avoid that, do not hesitate to match different materials and colour intensity, as well as add accessories. For example, if you choose to wear a beige outfit, a striped white and beige polo would look perfect with a matching suede coat, along with some nice cognac-coloured shoes.

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Pastel shades are the ideal solution when you’re on the hunt for cleaner looking casual wear. Forget the idea that pastel is made for women… go own it, chuck it out, like right now! Today, the biggest designers ride this wave confidently. And the biggest surfers on the block include Versace and Ralph Lauren. Otherwise, if you are looking for a casual outfit, a white shirt matched with a pastel pink blazer along with stretch chino casual pants, then this sums it up perfectly – convinced yet?

Wide Leg Trousers

Everybody is talking about it. It’s the biggest statement comeback trend of 2017. The large cuts are making resurgence in the fashion world and soon, everyone will be wearing them. Forget the skinny jeans and replace them with some baggy fun.

For the summer, opt for wide bermudas with a maxi cut. To avoid over-doing it, bet on a closed-fitting top. Plus, be sure to adopt for a cool attitude while you’re doing it; and ensure you look ‘casual’ while you’re wearing ‘casual stylish wear.’

Keep Your Bomber

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The bomber is a menswear trend you will see again (and again) in 2017. We have been hearing about it for the past 2 years, and it appears it’s become a master piece for any wardrobe.

Popular for its fuss-free shape and its comfort, this outfit can be worn for any occasion, giving you unique, stylish looks, every time. Make your choice among the ‘sports luxe’ look by Acne or the coloured menswear collection by Maison Kitsuné.

For a casual look, we advise you to wear your jacket with a pair of skinny denim jeans. If you choose a plain bomber, just match it with a sweatshirt or a sailor striped shirt. For more ideas on how to style your jacket check out this article we’re featured in courtesy of our friends at Farfetch.


It would appear that this trend will never leave the catwalks. It always seems to make a return to the front page. Today, camouflage reborns and brands suggest more subtle patterns than coarse combat fatigues. For the most extraverted among us, some designers even design completely unusual and surprising assortments of colours, like Dsquared2 and their ‘out there’ range of jackets!

For a casual look, we propose you to remain in the simplicity with a gray shade camouflage shirt, to match with straight cut trousers and sneakers. All with accessories (a leather document holder or a hat) and you’re ready to go.

You’ve Got  A New Message

If you want to send a message without saying a word, well this menswear trend is for you. It just happens to also be super stylish. The so-called “statement T-shirts” or “slogan T-shirts” are everywhere. The trend has been boosted by haute couture on catwalks. The biggest designers have especially been inspired by celebrities and politicians (thanks Donald Trump) to convey commitment messages.

However, menswear trends for 2017 would probably be based more on humoristic and positive messages, such as Amiri’s “The Good Life” T-shirt. For a casual style, update your outfit with your usual blazer or a leather jackets.

And The Bottom?

The minimalist style of the white sneakers is back and will always have the same effect. Sober, they can update an outfit to give it a luxury and contemporary style. The Stan Smith from Adidas are the most popular and remains ‘a must-have’ of fashion menswear. For a futuristic look, you can opt for Tubular from Adidas. Their suede and neoprene coating will give you the comfort you need.

Nubuck has also become a trendy material for sneakers. Made famous by Timberland and Caterpillar, as well as being worn by many US rappers, this coating is now used on Nike sneakers like the Air-Max. As traditional and classic is fused with urban and casual, nubuck coatings offer clean designs with simple colours. The popular nubuck footwear for men would be the casual and classic styles.

Loafers are cool-looking and comfortable while remaining elegant and classy – these are your timeless shoes. Loafers can be paired with both casual trousers and jeans. And lastly, for an elegant and classy look, opt for the desert boots. Suede, leather, or even in bi-material, it sounds like desert boots are a never-ending trend. Pair them with chino pants for a chic style – or with jeans for a casual look.

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