Nadav Kander bridge

The return of my Visual Inspiration Collections is upon us and I’ve been saving up a trove of delightful visuals and images to impress you with. Being a huge digital hoarder I thought it was time to put another collection together seeing as the last one was waaaaay back in October.

These Inspiration Collections will feature a selection of photography, art, design, Instagram finds and a few of my own personal snaps. If you would like to be featured on the next roundup please email me or use the #styledivision tag as it gives me a chance to see your work.


Slow_Magic_-_VS_Girls_-_7.21.14 (1)
Slow Magic has become one of my favourite artists recently with a sound that’s a perfect mix of upbeat SBTRKT and downtempo Teen Daze. The promo shots from his single ‘Girls‘ caught my attention and now all I want to do is play around with my camera and huge clouds of pink smoke.
Cereal Magazine continues to raise the bar and shows what really can be done with a mag these days. In one of my favourite posts this year, Rich Stapleton travels around Iceland and manages to capture the clean and simple beauty of the place.
Mike Skinner remains one of my personal heroes and inspirations. From humble beginnings with The Streets and running The Beats label with Ted Mayhem, Mike is now producing music, making films and running Tonga, a fantastic pub rave night in London. Mike Skinner….so remains one of my favourite blogs to follow and a constant source of inspiration

6 – Nadav Kander – Yangtze: The Long River, 7 – Freunde von FreundenFor regular visual inspiration make sure to follow the Style Division Tumblr on


A new mural in Gaza by the anonymous artist Banksy features a kitten seeming to play with a ball of tangled metal rods as if it were yarn.
Sammy Slabbinck is one of my favourite illustrators. He creates collages with deep meaning and simple juxtapositions. A few more of his pieces have been shown below.
There is always an abundance of beautiful architecture and design out there but the recent renovation of an old Victorian paper factory in Hampshire, Laverstoke Mill takes the cake. Architects Joseph Paxton and Thomas Heatherwick redesigned the pair of curved glass greenhouses that are now used for growing the tropical and Mediterranean plants for the Bombay Sapphire gin. READ MORE

1 – Helvetica Font Documentary, 2/3 – Sammy Slabbinck Collages, 4/5 – Banksy, 7 – MTO’s ‘The Death of the Neighborhood’, 8 – Hanbury Street (BrickLane) hand painted by Elian Chali and Alexis Diaz


1affixion_ 2anothermagazine 3 – elsaannukka 4mrybwn 5the1harris 6thomas_k 7world.of.d 8worshipblues


1 – Stamford Bridge, 2 – House of Vans, 3 – Regents Park, 4Natural History Museum, 5Bologna6/8 – Embankment, 7 – Views from the Shard

Let me know what you thought to the collection. Was it too long and were there areas you want me to focus on during the next roundup? This has been a ton of fun, see you next month!