sophie von dogen

So over the last few weeks I’ve started taking a more serious approach to my video game. With the rise of Flipagram, Snapchat, Boomerang and countless other apps it’s never been more important to show movement in your stories. I tend to take pictures first and then as a last minute addition take a 30 second video as a way to remember the moment. Here are some clips I put together recently and I’ll be the first to admit they’re super rough around the edges but it’s all about practice! Make sure to follow my YouTube channel for more!

Cash Rules


Originally the video was set to Drake’s ‘Pound Cake’ instrumental before copyright issues inevitably got in the way. As Kanye said “Let the kids have the music!”. In this video I showcase a few shots that didn’t make the original ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’ cut. Featuring Lucy and the lovely Dutch girls Marjolein and Sophie van Dongen.


barcelona camp nou vlog

An assortment of travel videos and Snapchat stories all bundled into one. I have a habit of hoarding pictures and videos only to return to them months later. This video was a way to relive my trips to Rome, Barcelona and Bologna while the title refers to my inner ‘ghost’ that pops up during silly times (5am writing anyone?) to motivate me to create those little videos.

Rabbit In Your Headlights


This really should have been called ‘Ghosts 2’ or ‘Groundhog Month’ as this is what happens when I can’t get enough sleep. Most people will read a book to get the zzzs back while I edit videos. The night before I went to see DJ Shadow spin his stuff in Brixton so decided to include an awesome little mashup he did at Coachella. Mixing ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’ with ‘Wassup’ was pretty genius. Never an a million years would I think that Thom Yorke and A$AP Rocky would appear on a track together but somehow it just works.

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