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Things To Do In London 3

Following on from my previous post where we spent breakfast at the rooftop cinema club and lunch by Tower Bridge, I decided to try out another London pastime that has been part of this city for generations.


Clerkenwell & Social farringdon blogger

First stop was Clerkenwell & Social in Farringdon, a new cocktail bar from the Marylebone Leisure Group (the guys behind The Marylebone, Primrose Hill’s The Princess of Wales, Barsmith nearby and two venues over in Uxbridge). The place has been fully redesigned and no longer looks like a classic bar it did previously; hanging lights and neon littered the interior while the benches outside were heaving with the bustling East London crowds.

Krissy from Interlaced and I decided to share a cheeseboard and a bottle of red wine which may have been a bit premature for a lunchtime session but in fairness cheese and cocktails just do not go together. As per usual many life stories, troubles and holiday plans were shared and Krissy mentioned something she picked up on during the Iris Apfel documentary with Lipton. The importance of experimentation with style, being yourself, being happy and staying curious.

Curiosity and a sense of humor, according to Iris are fundamental qualities of life and it would be a waste to spend time with someone who does not appreciate this. I think that something about this quote really stuck with both of us.

Address: 2-5 St John’s Square, London EC1M 4DE, Phone: 020 7608 2117


Clerkenwell & Social farringdon blogger

In the evening I was lucky to be invited to a private cocktail making sessions with Woodford Reserve at the South Palace Hotel. Woodford Reserve actually flew in a whiskey expert from their offices in Kentucky to explain to us how the bourbon should be tasted and what kind of mixers we could use to create a great cocktail in private.

Of course I tried my hand at a little cocktail making session and I gotta tell you, Tom Cruise in the 80’s made it look easy. Once you realise how much effort and knowledge is required to make a perfect drink you’ll have newfound appreciation of your regular bartender. The measures have to be pretty exact as less is most certainly more in this case and you don’t want a drink that’s overpowered by a single smell. You also don’t wan’t a drink that’s pure ethenol so remember that modesty is key.

Address: 3 South Place, London EC2M 2AF, Phone: 020 3503 0000

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