London is a truly exquisite city and for all the trials and tribulations it’s given me I feel compelled to continue paying homage to it. If you’ve seen the Jim Carey movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ you may have considered the possibility of erasing painful memories from your past in order to move on. The paradox however is that without those experiences however sweet or painful, one cannot grow as a person and learn any lasting lessons. I wrote a little poem during my trip to Coimbra in which I say ‘the ups and downs they must exist for you to feel as one’. This was inspired by the painter Bob Ross who said “Gotta have opposites dark and light, light and dark in painting. It’s like in life. Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come.” I feel its all a matter of perspective. So many areas of London I took for granted and with each return visit I fall in love with them more and more. Here are some of those hidden gems:

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city of london sunrise

Architectural Gems

There has always been a connection between power and architecture. Dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler built structures (see the Republic Palace and Reich Chancellery) to define their regimes and serve as a physical footnote of their legacy. During my trip to Rome this time last year I visited EUR, a lesser known district just outside the capital. The use of white marble in EUR is a clear symbol of racism of the fascist so no wonder it was chosen by Mussolini as the site for the 1942 world’s fair.

The keen desire of public and educational administrators to build buildings (also known as the Edifice Complex) can be seen all around central London. Starting from Westminster and Houses of Parliament and continuing down Whitehall to Churchill War Rooms and Downing Street, there is a distinct imperial feel. As you’re enveloped by the listed architecture its easy to forget the amount of history that these buildings have been a part of. Outlasting numerous public servants and world war bombing raids they’re the real treasures of the capital.

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Look Up London

I’m not an architect but I do appreciate the effort that someone has had to go through to create something of lasting significance. Everything around us came from a simple audacity of imagination and one only has to go outside to see its hidden beauty. All you need is a working pair of eyes and a healthy dose of curiosity. So go. Explore.


guildhall london


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