The Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition is up and running in London and I thought I’d put a little post together to showcase the experience. The exhibition finishes next Sunday (18th of October) so if you ‘re gonna be in the area or simply want to find out more about the LV brand I highly recommend popping in for a visit or even a free guided tour!

Just like a runway show, the Series 3 Exhibition plays on and exaggerates certain design elements of a collection. In this instance the focus was on the ‘malle’ (trunk) case that has stayed with the brand in one way or another since it’s foundation in 1854.

louis vuitton series three exhibition london lv3-2

louis vuitton series three exhibition london lv3-2

louis vuitton series three exhibition london lv3-6

louis vuitton series three exhibition london lv3-6


The exhibition shows how Louis Vuitton was the first malletier to manufacture a flat-topped trunk that was both lightweight and airtight making it perfect for long distance travel. Prior to this, trunks had rounded tops for water to run off, and thus could not be stacked.

louis vuitton handmade

louis vuitton handmade


Part of Louis Vuitton’s charm and fame comes from an intricate attention to detail and care they show to their products.

I got to experience this first hand as a LV representative was actually working inside the exhibition and showcased the way each bag is put together and the delicate touch needed to ensure utmost quality and craftsmanship.

On the day I was joined by Themba (you may remember our interview with him) which was heaps of fun as we ended up jumping from room to room getting that perfect shot. The exhibition itself holds many surprises and interactive rooms that are sure to keep you busy so instead of spoiling it all for you here I highly recommend you give it a visit.

LV Series 3

Dates: 21/09 until 18/10

Location: 80 Strand adjacent to Somerset House

Time: 10:00 / 20:00


louis vuitton series three exhibition london lv3-13


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