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After a hectic but fun few hours in Santorini we made our way north to the glamorous island of Mykonos. Famous for its party reputation and fashionable boutiques, Mykonos experienced a resurgence in the last few decades with lavish hotels, beach bars and new restaurants popping up on a regular basis. We spent the day letting our lazy side out but still had time to explore the island, experience the famous Mykonos sunset and then nearly fall off a cliff when we had to return our rented motor. All in all a great day spent with some amazing people. What more could you ask for?


Ftelia Beach, Mykonos

After spending the morning lounging around at a beach bar and getting injured on fire corals we rented a car and decided to explore the island. I’ve always been an advocate of enjoying the little pleasures in life so when a Buddha Bar compilation randomly came on the radio I knew the day will be a success. Although the crazy Greek driving put us on edge we made our way to Ftelia Beach, a windsurfer’s paradise north of the island. Ftelia is a tranquil place that doesn’t get mentioned in the guidebooks which means the crowds are kept to a minimum even in the busier summer months. It’s also super easy to access so make sure you visit if you want to get away from the maddening crowds of Mykonos Town and put your feet up for a well deserved rest.

Mykonos Town

mykonos greece

The island is well known for its gorgeous sunsets so we made our way back to Mykonos town, a Cycladic maze of whitewashed homes,windmills and cobbled streets. It is one of the most cosmopolitan towns of the Aegean as showcased by a large number of shops, boutiques and art galleries in the centre. I’m pretty sure I saw a Louis Vuitton shop which took me by surprise considering the size of the island. Due to building regulations the island’s traditional architectural style remains intact despite the rapid growth so before the place gets overrun by tourists and loses its charm I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit.

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