Hey guys, I have something new and fresh up my sleeve this week. I’ve always been interested in photography and not just the beautiful moments that it can capture but also the story that can go along with it, whether it be of a strong historical or personal importance. My father used to tell me that when he was a kid he used to obsess over cameras, lenses and the type of film to use for a particular shot and it seems he passed that interest onto me. At university I converted my basement into a makeshift darkroom for old-school processing and have been cautioned on numerous occasions for trespassing just to get the perfect shot.

I will be putting up a few of my own street photography shots on my personal side of Style Division whilst I want the Photography Blog to focus primarily on actual photographers, interviews, collections I have found inspiring and everything im-between. If you want more my Instagram is accessible in the link above or you can follow Photography Division on Pinterest – Enjoy!


Harnahud (real name Arnaud) is a photographer I’ve been following on Tumblr for a year or two now and it’s fantastic to see her style and eye for street photography develop. Harnahud shoots primarily in Paris and in my opinion manages to capture the essence and buzz of life in the French capital. There is also a great variety in Harnahud’s pictures as they can contrast between individuals to architecture to perspective shots.

I got in touch with Harnahud last month and asked if I could base my first article on her Paris street photography and thankfully she agreed so have a read of our interview below, check out the photos and hopefully feel inspired.

Paris Street Photography Interview

When did your interest in photography begin?
I’ve always been fascinated by photography but I started taking photographs very late. Actually it triggered me when I settled in Paris two years ago. And as chance would have it, it’s been an activity which paces my daily life now!

What inspires you as a photographer?
Many things inspire me actually but for the moment I favour spontaneity, street life and especially eye-catching things. As I walk across the city I take time to observe what’s around me, my environment. I enjoy thinking how unique it would be to share these pictures with my grandchildren for example – in 30 or 40 years.

While out doing street photography you must have encountered some unique individuals and situations. Any particular moment comes to mind?
Yes indeed. I remember one summer night at the Louvre there was a trumpeter playing under an arcade. He willingly accepted to be photographed and afterwards I had a long talk with him. I sent my negatives to him so he could make postcards that he could then hand out to bystanders!

louvre photography french

Do you feel like you’re developing a certain style when shooting? For example I’ve noticed a lot more individual photography in your shots.
As you can see I do like street photography! I admire the work of Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Elliot Erwitt, Joel Meyerowitz, Bert Hardy and many more. I often try to integrate a character in my photography. I find it fascinating to be the witness of an era, an atmosphere.

Onto some geeky stuff. Can you tell me more about your gear? Do you use any specialist equipment and what would you say is essential to have on you at all times?
As regards to my equipment, my way of photographing and my environment compel me to a particular choice. No SLR camera with high optical zoom otherwise I would feel like intruding on people’s intimacy ! I use a Fuji X 100s which is equivalent to a 35mm with fixed-focus lens. Therefore, I need to get closer to the people I photograph. It’s just the perfect fit to my practice of photography, it’s not bulky, its vintage aspect does not frighten people and I always have it in my handbag! Sometimes I would also use my iPhone, when the light conditions are good, it’s an ally to have by my side and catch an instant photo.

Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?
Maybe the kiss in the underground, as it is always a unique moment to photograph! There is also a night scene when a woman smoking a cigarette is watching me. Thanks to the city lights it’s become one of my favourite photos.

french kiss photo paris

night paris street photo

Perspective Photography

Architecture Photography

Street Photography

So there’s a little taster of Harnahud and her photos, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did when I first stumbled across her blog. If you want to show your appreciation please follow Harnahud’s Tumblr (www.harnahud.tumblr.com) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/harnahud) as with each visit the photographs make you fall in love with Paris just a little bit more.