I’m no stranger to London Fashion Week and its mens counterpart LCM but in all honesty it feels like these sorts of events are in their twilight years. A 5 day extravaganza that exists to stroke a collective ego and when seen with a fresh pair of eyes it looks quite bemusing. The fresh pair of eyes in this case was Zac Alsop who decided to sneak around fashion week wearing Poundland’s brand of clothes Pep & Co. I was on hand to help with some filming, the result of which you can watch above. It’s spontaneous, hilarious and a fresh take on an industry that at times takes itself too seriously. As always I had my camera on hand to take some street style snaps which you can check out below:

LFW18 – Street Style

explore london architecture

LFW18 – The Shows

London Fashion Week would be incomplete without the catwalk shows and we managed to enjoy a couple during our mad dashes around the capital. I have to say the Toga autumn/winter collection looked superb. With its nuanced layers and unusual mix of styles I’m massively jealous by the diversity of options women can choose from when they leave the house. After a small creative break (which included 11am Bloody Mary’s and dancing) we tried to bag the big prize. Burberry.

burberry laser show london

So through blagging and pure confidence, Zac and I both ended up at the Burberry Fall/Winter 2018/19 catwalk show. As you might expect it was a spectacle. The automated lights, the lasers, the music and even the ostentatious outfits all came together for a magical 20 minutes. Like a pop up art gallery that disappears at the end of the day I’m grateful to have been able to experience it. Sticking around post show to help Zac with interviews I took my chance and had to confess my undying affection for Matt Smith aka Dr Who. If you haven’t seen it the scene where he brings Vincent Van Gogh to the present day will make you tear up.

zac alsop spice girls wannabe stairs

Zac Alsop

The man. The legend. The Zac Alsop. A big thank you for making this weekend happen and putting in the work behind the scenes. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more insane antics.


My personal favourites have to be ‘Sneaking backstage at the McGregor vs Mayweather Press conference‘ and ‘I convinced the world I was an Olympic gold medalist‘.

zac alsop somerset house dvsn collective

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