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Tom Blachford is an Australian photographer who begin his career while still studying for his business degree in Melbourne. Many of us know photography can become addictive (in a nice way) as we begin the hunt for that perfect picture and Tom began to pursue photography full -time. Boy am I glad he kept up his passion. “As soon as someone put a camera in my hand,” he says, “it just changed everything for me. Ever since then, I have built my whole life around it.”

Midnight ModernPhotography by Tom Blachford
Midnight Modern Photography by Tom Blachford

The photos above are his second series of photographs of Palm Springs modernist houses shot under the full moon. Tom describes the series as “an exploration between the moonlight, the mid-century architecture, and the mountainous landscape.” and I could not think of any more of my favourite things he could cram into that one sentence.

Natural moonlight adds a gentle quality to the images which give off a very ‘clean’ feel, something that happens when all the conditions are perfect. Clear night skies, a full moon and minimal pollution from street-lights really do contribute to the perfect composition.

The modernist houses were shot as simply as possible, using only a camera and tripod although this didn’t deter Tom from looking for new perspectives and ways of showing scale. The photographs were shot with lengthy shutter speeds, allowing the stars to seem as though they are moving and the moonlight added a quality many people simply overlook.

Tom Blachford explains that “I think the moonlight is really an incredible light source, it basically has all of the same qualities as the brightest days sun, but so subtle our eyes almost can’t see it”. “The most joy I get from photography,” he says, “is when I can capture something that was hiding in plain sight.”

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The most joy I get from photography, is when I can capture something that was hiding in plain sight.