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It’s been a summer of non stop travel so when I had the chance to spend a day in Vienna I jumped at the opportunity. Not many cities can boast the imperial grandeur of Vienna, once the centre of the powerful Habsburg monarchy. Hints of imperial architecture can be seen all around the city, intertwined with historic streets and churches. Vienna is the perfect city to explore on foot with idiosyncratic districts such as Neubau, Josefstadt and Leopoldstadt serving as backdrop to your late night strolls.

Streets of Vienna

blogger travel wanderlust austria

The trip was organised by the team from Neubau Eyewear who got the local radio host to guide us through the busy streets while explaining the unique Austrian culture. As the Austrian Empire grew and expanded over 60 years it left its mark on Europe. The tall, imperial buildings, trams and contemporary museums still define the city and as someone who spent his childhood in Eastern Ukraine, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I stepped back in time.

The Neubau district in particular was buzzing with restaurants, coffee houses and had a carefree bohemian vibe. This historic area is littered with courtyards you can stroll through or if you’re not in a rush the beer vending machines (yes, they do exist!) are sure to quench your thirst. Sit down, have a laugh with your friends, people watch and wonder why you waited so long to visit this unforgettable city.

vienna wien architecture

vienna wien architecture

Get The Look

I completely underestimated the Austrian climate so wearing a nicely fitting suit in 32 degree weather was a little bit silly. Still, a man always looks his best in a custom made suit so things could have been worse. I like to keep my outfits pretty clean so I added to the suit with a plain black shirt, hi tops from Converse, classic sunnies from Ray Ban and a bag from Forbes & Lewis. If you wish to grab some for yourself make sure to check out the links below.

vienna wien architecture

Museumsquartier, Vienna


Museumsquartier (“quarter of museums”) has been serving as a cultural district of Vienna since 2001. Though many museums and cultural institutions are situated there, it is not only a place for art, but also an urban space for tourists and residents alike. You’re encouraged to sit on the fibreglass sofas (with an optional bottle of wine) and mingle with the locals. As I was only in Vienna for one night I tried to make the most of it by making some new Austrian friends and going out for the evening. The rest as they say is history 😉



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