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Well it didn’t take long for me to find more things to be inspired by and ‘Visual Inspiration Collection 02’ is up and running. A few of you have been asking what I use to find all these great¬†images and the truth is I don’t really know where the next inspiration will come from. I tend to use the normal social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) but simply exploring the internet tends to lead to some great finds. Don’t forget that you can always send me some inspiration by tweeting me @StyleDivision¬†


#DesignsoftheYear 2014 winner: Heydar Aliyev Center by Zaha Hadid Architects


Honolulu: Tropical Modern


Thanks to Woodchuck USA for my wooden pocketsquare

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Lu Gen: Life in Chongqing (VSCO)


Bill Murray hanging out in NYC, 1970s


Master and Margarita (Behemoth the Cat) Art Print

So here we go guys, another little visual inspiration post. If you want more visual stuff why not follow Style Division on Tumblr and Pinterest?