bompas parr shoreditch air fresheners

Last week I was invited to Shoreditch for a special ‘Air Fresheners of the Apocalypse’ event hosted by the well known duo Sam Bompas & Harry Parr.

‘Air Fresheners of the Apocalypse’ showcased 10 custom air fresheners, designed by illustrators and each inspired by a different fictional apocalypse. Bompas & Parr matched each design with the scent most likely to be wafting through the air to really complete the Mad Max vibe.

The results were unique and surprising, ranging from the simple opal fruits to smokey meat and humid forest the air fresheners really hit the nostril. Considering these are supposed be smells of an apocalyptic society I feel we could have done a lot worse.

I was joined by Zarina from Dutch Girl In London and Stuart from Inspiring City, two bloggers who managed to put my slim knowledge of art & design to complete shame. Make sure to check out their blogs for some visual inspiration from around the capital.

bompas parr shoreditch air fresheners-4

Bompas & Parr

Beach London

Sam from Bompass & Parr currently features in a new campaign focused on celebrating outstanding UK individuals in small business and professional industries. Learn more about the campaign by visiting WIRED and Investec Private Banking.

Other Artists: Adam Higton, Edward Carvahlo Monaghan, Emma Rios, Essy May, Jim Stoten, Marcus Oakley, Pete Fowler, Rob Flowers, Stevie Gee and Tom Sewell

Air Fresheners of the Apocalypse launches at Beach London’s Cheshire Street gallery on the 29th of May and runs through until the end of June.


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