bullit agency website ux

Just thought I’d share with you a website I found on my lunch. The Bullitt Agency has a great little site that feels cool and has fresh ideas even though it’s about 4 years old.

They have added a Pinterest-esque board to their artists section with each square opening up into that artists personal space from which you can connect with them via social media, see upcoming tour dates or even listen to their favourite songs via the websites Soundcloud integration. It also uses screen edges that allow you to explore around the page which is a neat feature but may not feel natural to a lot of users.

I’ve followed Bullitt for a while and the website has got more and more clunky but I love their ideas and hope you do too. If you have some spare time check out some of the artists such as Hot Since 82 and Jaguar Skills as they’re some of the most consistent DJ’s operating in the industry today.