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Something fresh for you guys this week, a friend of mine by the name of Chloe does some absolutely gorgeous illustrations and it was only a matter of time until they popped up on Style Division one way or another. By using old Victorian photographs her illustrations exude a somewhat vintage feel and it’s great to see that initial style evolve throughout her projects. Chloe was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about her work which you can checkout below.

Style Division: You have a very distinctive style, was this something that was developed during your time at university or was it your natural way of drawing?

Chloe Chapman: Well the style of my work definitely developed a lot while I was studying at university and it took quite a long time to get it looking the way it does now. I first started off doing digital drawings using very flat colours and bold outlines and it looked very amateur and naff! Then during the second year of my university course I actually went through a massive phase of doing 3D modelling which was completely the opposite of anything I’d done before. I’m mad on animation and started making puppets out of all sorts, then I got the idea of using old Victorian photographs for the faces. I guess that’s where the basic idea came in. When I realised I was also pretty rubbish at sculpting, I decided to try and combine the 2D digital with the 3D ideas I had and started doing digital collage work.

SD: Can you describe your creative process? Do you tend to get inspired quite quickly or work on an idea over a long period of time?

CC: I actually get inspired really quickly! Sometimes an idea just pops into my head from nowhere and I just have to get on and do something about it straight away! I get a lot of inspiration from old movies and vintage fashion photography; lately its the fashion aspect that’s been the initial idea of a piece and then everything else follows. With the Mr. Fox piece I was inspired by “heritage”, an autumn/winter fashion trend at the time. I was seeing the trend all over the place and decided to do my own take on it.

In terms of the physical process, I always describe my work as elaborate cut and paste! When illustrating a figure I’ll use a mish-mash of vintage photographs; for example, I’ll take the upper half of a face from one photograph, lower half from another, hair from another etc. and then blend all the parts together to create a new face.

SD: What projects or features have you got coming up in 2014?

CC: I would like to try animating my work. I’ve done some in the past but I’m hoping to develop my skills in animation software so I can bring my illustrations to life. I’m also planning to start a little side project doing hand made collage work again. As much as I love using Photoshop I feel like I’ve lost touch with traditional media along the line and would like to get back into it – my digital work is very clean and sleek and I want to make some messy conceptual random stuff!

Chloe Chapman Illustration Work

chloe chapman art design

chloe chapman art design

chloe chapman illustration

chloe chapman illustration

chloe chapman illustration

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greeting cards fox art design

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