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Guys can often attract some criticism for being too laid back when it comes to selecting the right pair of casual shoes. Usually we only have one pair for sports, one pair for work and one pair for socials. Then there are a whole lot of other things to consider. It can feel overwhelming trying on so many different pairs. However, this time investment can go a long way towards being prepared.

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Learning from Women

Women usually put a lot more thought into selecting a pair of casuals as shown in this video by Alex on Eze Living. By applying some of the simple questions in the video and putting it into a masculine context, we can really begin to make some serious impressions.

The Event Matters

There are so many different types of footwear for so many different types of events. If you were to break down what a standard guy in the office would wear, there is a very varied range, from the Sunday best all the way down to informal Silicon Valley attire. To give you an idea of some good style tips, see an old blog post Style Divison did on race day fashion. Each pair of shoes pairs up well with the outfit.

Pick the shoes for the occasion. If the event is a casual afternoon pool party, do not go overboard and take your best pair of snakeskin shoes to the fiesta. Opt instead for more relaxed, care free open shoes. If you are in city centre and are going to be walking around a lot, go for a pair of casual shoes which are comfortable to walk in. And yes, if you’re going for the big corporate job interview, be sure to wear the finest pair of leather shoes available.

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Shoe Colours

Go after shoes which have a good colour coordination. You don’t want to be matching red shoes with a white suit. Aim for consistent colours. What colours have people said you look good in? What colour or colours suit your skin tone, hair colour, body shape and facial features? Always think back to the colour wheel as choosing the wrong colours can make you look “bland and boring, or loud and foolish.” So make sure you are matching your shoe colour appropriately with the colour and style which suits you best.

Make Sure it Fits

If you want to be elegant, make sure that you are wearing casual shoes moulded to fit your foot. There is nothing more odd (and slightly humorous) than someone walking around with shoes which are too big, small or narrow for their feet. If it feels ridiculous, it will most likely look ridiculous as well. Getting custom made footwear can be a very good long term investment, even if it costs a bit more.

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mens casual spring shoes

Quality Over Aesthetics

Invest in quality over price. Footwear as with any other product  is built to last do exactly as it’s warranty says it does. My father bought a pair of streamline leather office shoes in Romania in 2004. Those shoes have outlasted every other pair he has ever owned since then. And they are still in usable condition! There are a lot of cheap skates out there and shoe producers who push out mass produced garbage. Don’t be fooled.

Make sure you take care of these shoes. Keep the closet neat and tidy. Don’t allow dust, mould or weather conditions to quickly eat away at the investment which you’ve made in your shoes. Give the leather a regular polish and the casual’s an occasional wash. Nothing gives off a stronger sense of pride than a man who takes pride in keeping their shoes shiny, white or clean.

Laces or Loafers?

A big debate going on is whether to go for laces or loafers. Both have their ups and downs. Laces are great for style and impression but can give off the impression of an overly serious person. Loafers meanwhile are what James Sherwood of calls “the Bill Clinton of shoes: fantastic if you can get away with it but fraught with risk.”

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Italian Designers Are Onto It

Look out for the best designers. The name on a pair of shoes says a lot about the thought, care and effort which went into the shoe. has compiled a list of the best men’s readers voted for. A lot of the top ranking shoes have a similar pattern: they are Italian designed. I guess GQ was right when they said in their guide to shoes “Rich Italian Men Know Best.”

Make a statement!

Remember that the right pair of shoes makes a lasting impression. If you’re trying to secure a hot date or escape the friend zone, a woman will be able to intuitively learn a lot about you by the shoes you choose to wear on the first date. If they are in good condition, she knows that you are someone who is able to take care anything close to you.

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Written by: Mark Greene is a life coach, as well as a model and a writer. He helps men understand how to perform at their peak level over at his website: He is an expert in style, dating, wealth and success and has worked with a variety of men’s lifestyle publications like GQ and Details magazine.

Edited by: Anton Dvorakovsky