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Colin Aherne  is a photographer based in Cork, Ireland whose 35mm shots on his Tumblr page (Link) got my attention. I thought I’d continue to publish work by talented photographers on Style Division as you never know who might be reading and Colin was kind enough to answer a few of my questions so we can get a better understanding of him and his work.

Colin Aherne Interview

SD: When did your passion for photography begin and how has it developed since those initial snaps?

Colin Aherne: I think I was pretty late in getting into photography. Been taking photos for about four years now, starting in 2010 when i was 24/25. Had a vague interest when I was younger but it was a trip to Helsinki that really got me. Saw an exhibition by Finnish photographer Jari Silomäki in the Kiasma museum and I was hooked. Got home mid-August and applied very late for the photography course in Cork. Luckily I got in and started in September.

I think it developed pretty naturally, although at the start I was very much taken by very visual or stylised images and starting making similar work. Looking back I wouldn’t have much time for that kind of thing now but it was good to go through it. Lately it’s more about taking photos of everyday things or different aspects of my life. I like to work in a relaxed way, simple and personal, and take photos as I go. Later I edit them together into little collections, based on a place, a person, a relationship or some connection to thoughts of my childhood.

SD: What is your favourite photo that you’ve taken. Is there a story behind it?

CA: There’s a lot of photos that i really like for different reasons, but there’s one that always comes to mind. It was back in 2011, I was seeing this girl on and off for about 2 years. I went to Prague for a while, and started this job that was really awful. It didn’t last too long so I went traveling around Eastern Europe on my own for a bit and when I got home really wanted to make a go of things with her. So I called to her house, and we went to the beach late at night. Nothing really felt right, and that was that. A photo I took at that beach will always be a favourite of mine for some reason, anytime I see it it brings me right back to 2011.

colin beach photo

SD: Which artists work has influenced you the most?

CA: Bertien van Manen, Jari Silomäki, Nan Goldin, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, William Eggleston, Rinko Kawauhci.

SD: Could you tell me more about the equipment you use. Do you have a favourite camera/lens?

CA: After a brief fling with digital in the beginning, I’ve been shooting film ever since. My go-to camera at the moment is my Fed 4, picked it up very cheap on a trip to Vilnius, Lithuania last year. And last week I got a Contax T2 which hasn’t left my side since. I sometimes use a Nikon F75 as well. For colour I use Kodak Portra 160 and for b/w Ilford HP5. I also shoot quite a bit of polaroid and instax film.

SD: Could you tell me more about howlzine. What is the concept behind it?

CA: How serves as a means of promoting various photographic projects from both established and emerging photographers. To start, projects are promoted online accompanied by a mini-interview with each photographer, with the aim of producing a regular printed zine down the line.
I look at quite a bit of work in books and online, and the different platforms for promoting them. It’s very hard for photographers to get their work out there these days with so much work being made, and I really wanted to start something that focuses on photographers working on smaller, more personal projects. I find it very interesting when people just take photos of things around them, it’s like a mini-glimpse into their life (For more info on how

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