daniel wellington style

Recently I noticed that watches are yet to be mentioned on Style Division and as a staple of any great outfit I thought this situation really needs to be rectified. I decided to pick the brand Daniel Wellington as it’s minimalistic design is exactly what I look for in a watch. It’s a throwback to classic watch types with minimal details, white face and a Nato strap (the gold finish isn’t too shabby either).

What I find really interesting is the simple story behind the Daniel Wellington brand and how the founder (Filip Tysander) on his travels around the world met a charming gentleman from the British Isles. This man possessed a unique ability to be gentlemanly but still relaxed and unpretentious (I think you’ll agree it’s a quality we all yearn), on top of this the man had impeccable style which was rounded of by his love of wearing watches with old weathered Nato straps. His name was of course Daniel Wellington.

The design of the Daniel Wellington watch is very elegant, refined and perfectly round. From all angles this feels like a traditional watch with a hint of freshness thrown in. Because the design lacks features it appears very clean and makes it easy to customise with different patterns and colours. Another important design aspect of Daniel Wellington watches are the straps themselves which go by the name of ‘Nato’. Nato straps actually originate from the British navy, where divers would use the strong nylon straps over their wet suits. Adding to the fact that Sean Connery wore a Daniel Wellington watch in “Goldfinger” it all ties beatifully back to the British Isles and for me really enhances the heritage and feel of the brand.

The watch above is the Classic Cardiff which is made with rose gold and features the traditional white face as well as a Quartz Japan citizen 1L22 movement to keep it running. It’s available on the Daniel Wellington website for £179.00

What brand of watch do you wear? Tweet me @StyleDivision as I’m always on the lookout for some unique designs and hidden gems – Antonski.