I was watching an amazing video the other day in which a young Tom Hardy talks about his first encounter with Charlie Bronson. At the time the press dubbed him “the most violent prisoner in Britain”. You might not think it but the crazy maniac spoke some truth. Watch the video for yourself to get the full picture but in essence this is what he says. Sometimes you have to cut a little piece of yourself off, no matter how much it hurts. In order to grow. In order to move on.

So here we are. 4 years since I took Style Division from a simple Tumblr Blog to the digital magazine it is today. You can still read the embarrassing first post I wrote back in 2013 without realising what chain of events I was setting in motion.

Now it’s time to turn the page and get ready for the next chapter and I want all you dedicated readers to join me on this journey. Please cast your vote for the name that seems the most appropriate to you using the poll below:

Division Collective

To find out more about the next chapter check out what I’m building using a new CMS called The Grid. The Grid takes coding out of the equation and allows me to focus on one thing and one thing only. Great content.

So if you’re a writer, creative or simply love the sound of what we’re building and want to get involved please send and email over to [email protected]

We’re looking for passionate Deputy Editors who enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle and are keen to help take this platform to the next level 🙂

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