Eddie Otchere - Icons of Wu-Tang Clan

This month saw the renowned British darkroom printing photographer Eddie Otchere display his portraits of the Wu-Tang Clan at the Brixton East gallery. Otchere, famous for capturing iconic artists including Snoop Dog, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G. and many more, exhibited his collection allowing visitors to revisit this special age of Hip Hop, with the unique prints available to purchase.

The never to be reproduced again pieces were digitally reduxed by Nineties’ master printer Danny Pope. In addition all the digital photographic copies from this exhibition were destroyed on 9th March 2016, so the collection promises to be rare and finite throughout time.


Following the group in their most prolific stage, Otchere captured the group’s personality up close, members including Ol’ Dirty Bastard, GZA and Method Man. Photographed over the period of 5 years, and the prints never being exhibited universally until now added a special touch to this one off presentation.

Approaching the Brixton East gallery, the air was smokey from the jerk chicken grill outside, which immediately fueled my senses. And following through into the downstairs space, busy and lively, I was taken in by the magnitude and boldness of the following print:


The urban photographic portraits laid across the gallery’s Victorian brickwork were extremely captivating, and swiftly took my mind to this era in New York City. I was even lucky enough to meet Eddie Otchere, and hear his reflections on working with the Wu-Tang Clan and a wealth of groundbreaking hip-hop artists in his 20 years of photography.

The upstairs at Brixton East 1871 was filled with budding music producers, taking part in Tony Nwachukwu & Emmavie’s production workshop in association with Native Instruments. The night was also gifted with live music from VCF, led by Rafael Powell and DJ Rumz. Furthermore the vibrant video installation by Daniel Oduntan during the evening mirrored the portraits’ energy perfectly, adding further resonance to this arts installation.

Don’t worry if you missed this exhibition, the piece above (signed by Eddie Otchere) was purchased by Chip Shop Brixton and can be seen in the main dining area, its well worth stopping by if you get the chance. For more information about Brixton East 1871 gallery make sure to check out the links below and a big thank you to our latest guest writer Oliver Albuquerque for putting this post together. You can stay up to date with Olly on his Instagram or Twitter accounts.