jackets summer spring 2016

The transitional months of spring can be tricky ones to navigate sartorially. The temperatures are beginning to rise and your thick parka has been banished to the back of your wardrobe but you’re still in need of some outerwear to keep the cooler spring chills at bay. There are a few different style jackets out there that are ideal for the spring time and we should all have at least one in our arsenal. So, whether you’re looking for an alternative classic or a street-ready option, this list of essential jackets for spring will have your back:

Bomber Jacket

mens spring jackets bomber

This is for those of you looking for a sportier aesthetic. The bomber jacket has had a huge surge in popularity over the past couple of years and there are some great lightweight options. As it’s spring and you’re heading to warmer months, try staying away from your usual black and navy colourways and be a little braver. White jackets are a big winner this year and brighter options like red and paler blues are also a great option to consider.

Denim Jacket

mens spring jackets denim

This is an absolute classic, pioneered by Levi’s back in the days of the Californian Gold Rush. Again, as it’s the warmer months, try going for lighter washes, pale blues or, if you’re feeling a little braver, whites are a big win. Dark indigos, blacks and greys just aren’t as season appropriate but the main thing you need to worry about here is staying away from overly insulated linings i.e. shearling and wool. If you’re going to go for the double denim look, just make sure you go for varying shades!

Leather Jacket

mens spring jackets leather

A classic alternative, the leather jacket comes in many forms,so don’t feel as though you have to go for the more generic Tee Birds style biker. Bombers and motocross styles are a decent alternative to consider, we wouldn’t suggest wearing this when the temperatures hit their peak!

Suede Jacket

mens spring jackets suede

For a smarter appearance, it’s all about the suede numbers this year. Western jackets and bombers are propping up at all the major fashion weeks and weekends, both on and off the runways, so it’s a failsafe choice this season. A great piece for micing up your tailoring. The mixing of casual and formal looks is a hugely growing trend and one we can’t get enough of.

Rain Mac

summer rain mac jackets for men

Clearly, this is very weather-specific but everyone should have a decent rain mac to draw for in the April showers. Make sure you invest well in this and go for a versatile colour, if you buy properly here, your rain mac will be a regular in your wardrobe for years to come as it’s less trend-lead and far more of an essential staple than others on this list.


summer overcoats for men

Now, I know what you’re going to say, this isn’t technically a jacket but overcoats are a brilliant smarter option for the spring months. The perfect match for tailoring and smart-casual outfits, this is another piece that, if invested well in, will be a wardrobe staple you draw for for years to come. Camel’s a very popular style at the moment but, if you’re not so brave with your wardrobe choices, grey, black and navy are all seriously versatile options. Pair with some chinos, penny loafers and an oxford shirt for a perfect smart-casual finish.


Shop The Look

As is the case with most wardrobe investments, parting with a little more cash will see you wearing these jackets for years and years. If you’re one for wanting to get real value for money, go for neutral colours and less trend lead styles. We’re big believers in investing in staples to build a complete basic wardrobe and make sure to check out our handpicked jacket selection using the widget above.

Photo Credits: Tommy Ton, Fashion Tag, Mr Porter, All That I Covet, The Idle Man