FLOW – by Baptiste Debombourg – is a piece of installation art made from broken and shattered car windshields exhibited at the Centre d’Art Actuel l’Oeil de Poisson in Quebec. It aims to hold a mirror to our mass-consumption society and the objects it mass-produces. Here the windscreens surge up like the wave that engulfs towns in catastrophe films such as 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow. According to the artist, “they are broken, discarded, ignored objects that take the place by storm, rebel and attack us.”

“Before seeing the solution, the miracle, we have to hear the thunder of the impending cataclysm. In the fish eye (l’Oeil de Poisson) there is Darwin’s nightmare. When the development of the species kills all species. We do not swim in a sea of windscreens, we remain under the glass, suffocating as if under ice, devoured by our own creations. That is the experience we are invited to join in: becoming aware of our folly and our finiteness, that we are bringing about ourselves. No political or psychological discourse. That is the strength of art.”

baptistedebombourgflow5 baptistedebombourgflow4