One of the most important accessories you can have as a man is your briefcase. Not only is it functional by carrying all of your important equipment and documents, but it also can enhance your own outfit. But with so many styles and shapes available, which one is the right for you? Here are a few of the best briefcases, and the situations they were made for.


For your everyday use, having the right briefcase can make your life immeasurably easier. Take, for instance, the Canvas & Leather Commuter Bag from Polo Ralph Lauren. This padded briefcase is durable enough to handle everyday use and stylish enough to take to a lunch meeting or coffee with a client.

The main pocket easily fits all your documents and electronics, such as your MacBook Pro, and the front pockets are great for items like your phone, business cards and whatever else you need to be prepared.

For the longer trips or situations when you have more to bring, the Filson 72 Hour Light Briefcase works well. It features modern design and styling, and is durable enough to last you for years.

It has individual pockets for your electronics and has several expandable pockets to store a huge amount of papers and documents and any accessories. It also has a slot in the back for easy attachment to your rolling carry-on luggage for business trips.

1 – Jack Spade Oxford Leather Bartlett Briefcase, 2 – Porter Smoky 2 Way Briefcase, 3 – Filson 72 Hour Light Briefcase


When looking for a briefcase for business, it’s often more about style and professionalism rather than flexibility and function. You want to portray an air of confidence and avoid looking unorganized, so remember that less is usually more. The“Eton” Leather Briefcase from Nordstrom is a perfect example of this.

The single large pocket is designed to hold a large phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, while still leaving room for any documents you may need. It also has storage compartments for your cell phone and pens to keep you organized at all times.

If you need something with a little more versatility, consider the Ben Minkoff Embossed Leather Fulton Briefcase. The printed Italian leather is sleek and stylish and cleverly hides the spaces built to hold everything you might need.

1Ben Minkoff Embossed Leather Fulton Briefcase, 2Jack Spade Fulton Leather Darrow Briefcase, 3Ben Minkoff Embossed Leather Devin Briefcase


In those situations where you need storage that is durable and convenient, your best option is something like the Maxpedition Proteus Versipack. Its compact, yet roomy design can handle many of your electronics and accessories and is stylish enough to work in a wide variety of situations.

Plus, it can change its design based on your needs. For example, it can be held by the handle, carried on a shoulder strap or even secured around your waist if you need extra mobility. It also can be attached directly to the larger Maxpedition backpack for extended trips.

1 – Fjallraven Greenland Briefcase, 2 – Jack Spade Bonded Cotton Zip Briefcase, 3 – Porter Tanker 3-Way Briefcase

With all of the options out there, don’t limit yourself to a boring briefcase. Look around and make sure you find the right briefcase for your lifestyle. And remember, you don’t want clients and coworkers to be distracted by your unprofessional briefcase even when you’re dressed in an impeccably stylish suit.