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About Woodchuck USA Accessories

I have a great little company to present to you this week by the name of Woodchuck. Woodchuck USA specialise in crafting authentic handmade accessories out of wood and have a strong company ethos that centers around natural and ‘green’ products. Similarly to the Canopy Sunglasses I talked about a few weeks ago Woodchuck are independent, ran by young and hungry entrepreneurs and above all they produce high quality, unique products. All the products are handcrafted in America so the quality and attention to detail is pretty impeccable with the design process being implemented since the conception of the original idea. Woodchuck also use 100% FSC certified wood which is the U.S. best standard to ensure that all wood is harvested sustainably.

Woodchuck Lookbook

I fell in love with the photography of this lookbook straight away as it sticks with the natural and sustainable feel of the company. I believe one should get in touch with nature as often as possible (helps if you’ve got a canoe) just to get away from the city grind and drink it all in. Not only do the guys over at Woodchuck USA create beautiful wooden accessories but they seem to simply have fun wherever they are and for me that’s equally if not more important when buying a product.

Custom Wood Accessories // Tech

The company produce a myriad of awesome items pretty much for every tech and fashion lover . Most cases are either durable or well designed, it’s very rare to get both which is why a wooden case makes more sense. The colours vary from light to dark to suit your preferences, it’s made from sustainable wood so you know it’s durable plus how cool is a wooden case? It’s miles better than the tacky stuff made of plastic you get from the shop and you could easily get it engraved should you wish to trump everyone with a birthday present.

Custom Wood Accessories // Everyday

There is also plenty of choice in other departments, spice up your outfit with some wooden pocket squares or cuff links or simply buy a sturdy cover for your book or journal. These are just some of the products Woodchuck USA offer, check out their website for more cool deals and remember, FREE shipping on orders over $100.

Woodchuck USA Details

Woodchuck // Ben VandenWymelenberg
Ben’s vision is to “bring self-sustaining, skilled manufacturing jobs back to America, and reintroduce authenticity into people’s daily lives”. He also seems like a generally cool guy so you should give his Instagram a follow.
Ben VandenWymelenberg


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