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It’s not only women who can have an overflowing wardrobe and still have nothing to wear. Many men, too, find themselves struggling to put together outfits they feel great in. Dressing well for various occasions can take practice but in a lot of cases the trouble is with having too many unworkable options.

Capsule Wardrobe – The Concept


When we talk about a “capsule wardrobe” we are talking about a minimalist, streamlined approach to personal style. Like many of the great things in life, the capsule wardrobe is more about quality than quantity.

Ideally, every item contained within it can work together, and looks for different occasions can be pulled together within minutes. In most parts of the country you will want a different capsule for different seasons. We are looking to develop personal, stylish and trademark looks.

Before you begin, choose a colour as your basis. Do you lean to blues or khaki? Whichever colour you choose will be the core or theme of your capsule, and your other items will be selected to co-ordinate.

Capsule Wardrobe – TOPS


Keep only a couple of t-shirts, including a classic white with no print. There is no space in your life for the ones you never wear. Choose several button down shirts, both long and short sleeved, and a couple of long sleeved tops as well.

Neutrals are straightforward to match, and pinks and blues bring warmth and colour, so pick out ones that appeal to you. Loss of men like the option of a simple checked pattern too. Keep in mind the simpler it is, the more versatile it is likely to be.

Capsule Wardrobe – PANTS


Again, neutrals are your friend. Dark jeans, sandy chinos, blue shorts and dress pants for the evening or office are likely to be all you need. Usually, pants are the biggest block of colour in your look, so choose patterns very sparingly, if at all, as they don’t tend to stay in style the way solid colours do.

Capsule Wardrobe – Outerwear


One or two V-necked sweaters and a couple of jackets that match your pants will get most men through the cooler months. Choose colours that will match the rest of your capsule, so that means greys, navy or neutrals will be best.

Capsule Wardrobe – Accessories

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Belts and shoes are items that wear much longer and better when they are of good quality. Blacks and browns are the way to go, with the exception of running shoes. Having a choice between boots, dress shoes, deck shoes and casuals will see you through all occasions.

A backpack and a sturdy pair of headphones are also on the list of essential accessories because if chosen wisely they will last years without needing a direct replacement. Can I buy generic Cialis in USA over the counter, check this website In the pictures I’m wearing a Herschel Supply backpack and a pair of Monitor headphones from Marshall.

When it is all put together, the capsule wardrobe gives you a great number of styling options, which all look fantastic and suit you too. It becomes easy to put together outfits made up of quality items. Without hassle or indecision, you can be confidently dressed and out the door in minutes.

If you live in Melbourne, Australia and would like some help establishing your wardrobe capsule, give Sally McKinnon a call. She offers a range of services intended to make your style experience smooth and enjoyable.

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