One of the most important jewellery items in the life of every person is a proposal ring. That is why its choice should be taken as responsibly as possible. Some couples choose wedding rings, based on signs and beliefs, others trust exclusively to their taste preferences. Today we have decided to help couples in love in their search for the right ring, which certainly will not disappoint them after purchase.

What determines the cost of wedding rings?

When getting into the jewellery salon, we observe not only an amazing variety of engagement rings but also a wide price range. Therefore, before buying jewellery, you must decide on a budget. After all, buying rings should not drive a young family into a debt trap. 

The price of rings depends on: 

• Its weight. The heavier the ring is, the higher its cost. Here, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the fingers because the selected ring should look good on your hand. So owners of long thin fingers need to choose either very thin or rather thick rings (up to 6 mm), but on long thick fingers, only wide rings will look laconically;

• The design. Smooth and patterned rings vary significantly in price. And here, only the newlyweds decide what their wedding rings should be like;

• The combination of metals. There are superstitions associated with wedding rings; they say that it’s recommended to pay attention to products from one singular metal. However, this does not prevent modern couples from choosing products from several precious metals. “Mixed” rings look very beautiful and unusual.

• A cost-saving option is jewellery made of yellow gold and silver, platinum and gold, the combination of white, yellow, and red gold, and so on, can be considered expensive metals. Everything depends solely on the taste and financial capabilities of the future spouses;

• Stones. The decor with precious or semi-precious stones plays a significant role in the final cost of the rings. If you are a superstitious person, then we advise you to learn the language of stones in advance:

Diamond is a symbol of purity and confidence;
– Ruby is a symbol of passionate love;
– Sapphire is a symbol of strong love and financial stability;
Topaz and pomegranate symbolise the loyalty of the spouses;
Emerald is a symbol of wisdom in family relationships;
Amethyst is a symbol of loneliness and a short-lived relationship. 

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Where should you buy wedding rings? – Online

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•  Saves time. Without leaving your home, you choose jewellery based on your budget and taste. And filters will help you to choose from the catalog the most appropriate rings for your needs; 

• The cost is lower than in jewellery stores. After all, Internet sites do not need to pay rent and such; 

• An opportunity to buy a ring in any city in the country or even order it from abroad; 

• You can find out how much gold (and not only) wedding rings of different design, decor, weight, and from different manufacturers cost; 

• Regular discounts; 

• Convenient payment methods. 


• Difficulties with the choice of size. If you order jewellery from another city, then you have no opportunity to evaluate how the ring looks on the hand and whether it feels comfortable on the finger. 

• Quality. Again, this problem may occur when ordering rings from neighbouring countries or cities. Especially if you choose wedding rings with precious stones. With online purchases, no one can guarantee that everything will be in place.

Where should you buy wedding rings? – Jewellery Store


• As a rule, they have affordable prices; 

• The ability to order jewellery to your own taste and finger size; 


• The finished result does not always meet expectations; 

• Production time may be delayed, so do not postpone the order of the rings for the last moment; 

• The master can use second-hand jewellery as a material. This can significantly reduce the cost of your wedding rings, so if you are a superstitious person, then this option is not for you.

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