heineken jungle battersea style open london

Well, it’s safe to say that August has been a pretty hectic month. I sadly had to leave my job in Yorkshire whilst simultaneously moving to one of the most expensive and dynamic places in the world – London. So far it’s been 1 week and safe to say I absolutely adore being based here, the number of unique people and places I have discovered is unreal and as always there are plenty of interesting events to keep me occupied.

I was one of the lucky 1,000 to be invited by Heineken to attend an exclusive one off event which was hosted by Ignite London at the Battersea Power Station. The Battersea Power Station is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and although it has been closed since 1975 it has continued to attract redevelopment interest from a number of businesses and individuals. Chelsea FC were rumoured to be interested in a move although it appears Ernst & Young have won the bid to redevelop the area with homes, restaurants and other attractions.

The power station and it’s iconic white chimneys served as the perfect backdrop to the night which included Beaty Heart and a headline performance by London-based collective, Jungle. We were treated to an exclusive set from their critically acclaimed eponymously named debut album, including tracks such as ‘The Heat’, ‘Busy Earnin’ and ‘Platoon.’

heineken jungle battersea open london

This Ignite London event was part of Heineken’s ‘Cities of the World’ campaign aimed at inspiring men to cross borders within their city and to explore parts of the capital they wouldn’t normally visit. I really enjoyed being part of the campaign and hopefully this is a start of something special.

Ignite London @ Battersea Power Station

heineken battersea style london jungle

jungle battersea power station star access

jungle battersea power station star access

heineken battersea open london ignite jungle