ikea style spazio

Ikea Spazio Alla Vita Overview

Now that the title has caught your attention I’d love to share with you a great IKEA Italy microsite designed and developed by the guys over at Unit9 using HTML5.

Users can browse effortlessly through the five independently moving columns while within the page itself each content box is linked to the IKEA e-commerce website, giving users the option to easily locate and order any product they’ve liked.

Since it’s a microsite dedicated to children’s environment the colours and aesthetics of the site were designed to reflect that and a fun little game was also introduced. Among the content boxes are hidden special words associated with IKEA. Using jQuery Sortable and TouchPunch users can reorder the words using drag and drop to form a simple sentence symbolising what IKEA means to them which enhances user interaction with the brand and keeps them on the site longer.

The versatility of IKEA’s products inspired UNIT9 to create a design  that stays the same on different devices and browsers. For me this is the most impressive aspect, keeping the user experience to a high standard across tablet / mobile / desktop is incredible hard to do because there are so many variables involved that could be easily messed up.



ikea spazio website

Ikea Spazio Alla Vita Design Credits

Creative Director
Williams Tattoli

Web Designer
Enzo Li Volti

Art Direction
Davide Scarpantonio
Federico Grassi
Corina Patraucean