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Enrich & Endure is a company that’s run by siblings Lorcan and Sarah who have a huge passion for Irish textiles, and it’s something that really rubs off on their products and collections. They collaborate with experienced local weavers to create natural yarn mixes which they use for handmade products fore your home such as cushions, throws, blankets, napkins and table cloths.

Lorcan was kind enough to answer a few questions about Enrich & Endure, their first steps in the industry and some of their latest collections.

Style Division: First of all, how are you? What’s new in the town of Banbridge today?

Enrich & Endure: I’m very well thank you. We have a jam-packed week ahead of us here at Enrich & Endure. I am sneaking off to France at the weekend for a short holiday so squeezing 5 days into a 3day week means lots of late nights, very early mornings and powerfully strong coffee but as the old saying goes, ‘Work hard…Play hard’.

SD: Your town has a proud heritage, how has growing up / working there influenced your approach to creating beautiful products?

We grew up in the small town of Banbridge, County Down, we went to school here and now after years of living our separate lives and careers we have returned home to the nest. Our town was once the beating heart of the Irish linen industry, producing some of the world’s finest linen. What was once hundreds are now only a handful of mills, one of which lies right on our doorstep. We saw the opportunity and jumped feet first.

As the fresh faced go-getters of the next generation we want to protect our local artistry skill and history. We are dedicated to respectfully harvesting the heritage of our town while simultaneously pushing it in an entirely new direction. I believe it’s an exciting time to be involved in design. Banbridge lies in the foothill of the Mourne Mountains and as outdoor enthusiasts and avid rock climbers we spend a lot of time in the mountains – our beautiful surroundings have been the inspiration of our latest collection for 2015 which we are currently working on.

enrich endure irish homeware

SD: Did you ever envisage working with your younger sister Sarah? What are some unique qualities she brings to Enrich & Endure?

The honest answer is no, I had never envisioned working with Sarah. Although we have a lot in common outside of work having both a love for nature and adventure, we both chose very different career paths that have now coincidentally come back round to be quite like-minded. I come from a property/business background whereas Sarah chose a more creative route studying and working in design. We work from two offices, both situated in Banbridge. I mostly work from our office at the house and dispatch room sorting all things business.

Sarah, is the designer and creative director. She is very hands-on, spending most days in the studio working on new designs and helping the girls in production. We receive all our fabrics in loom-state from our various Irish weavers so there is a lot of work in getting our fabrics from a raw state to finished products as we do all our own finishing in-house. We do actually get on incredibly well and so far no major or conflicts sibling bust ups.

SD: You seem to do a lot of travelling, what is the most inspiring place you’ve visited recently?

Yes, we are both very keen travellers. We were both overseas when the idea for Enrich & Endure came about. Sarah was living and working in New Zealand and I was back-packing on a round the world trip. It was when I visited Sarah in NZ that we started thinking what we would both do when we returned home and so after long discussions and months of thinking and planning we came up with a business idea. I ended my trip in Nepal before returning to home turf. Here I conquered Everest Base Camp and walked Annapurna trek. It was incredible experience, one I will never forget.

SD: You have 3 well crafted collections available at the moment, Nautique, Eden and Harvest. Which one would you say is your personal favourite?

My favourite collection would have to be Harvest. I am a big fan of merino wool as a fibre for it’s incredible softness and unique properties – cool in the summer and snug in the winter. I also love the colour-ways in the Harvest collection, they are the most masculine of the three, mix and matching navy, greys, fawn and burgundy. The products in Harvest are the most creative in terms of weaving. We have access to the only double damask jacquard loom left in the country which is an incredible. privilege.

Our combination of wool and linen is very unique in the industry as both have different shrinkage and felting levels – as artisan ‘makers’ this is a finishing process we have mastered on a small scale to create interesting textures and designs such as our Bendigo Throws and Cushions or Vine Blanket. The Navy/Fawn Bendigo Cushion is my favourite product at the minute but that often changes depending on what mood I am in.

harvest pillow irish linen

harvest pillow irish linen

harvest pillow irish linen harvest pillow irish linen


SD: What are the 4 key items that are essential in your perfect home?

– A good aero-press coffee maker – We get our beans from 3FE Coffee in Dublin

– A cracking sound system or speakers – I would recommend a Libratone Zip Wireless Speaker

– A great selection publications – I am a big fan of Monocle and Cereal Magazine

– Luxury Irish Linen Bed sheets (coming soon to Enrich & Endure)

Irish Linen Homeware Inspiration

enrich stylish blog irish homeware

enrich endure irish homeware

enrich endure irish homeware

enrich endure homeware pillow

Enrich & Endure Details

Website: https://www.enrichandendure.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/enrichandendure

Pinterest: http://uk.pinterest.com/enrichandendure/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/enrichandendure

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Enrichandendure

Email: [email protected]

enrich endure irish homeware

I hope you enjoyed this little writeup about Enrich & Endure and many thanks to Lorcan for answering a few of my questions. E&E have some new collections coming up in 2015 as well as a bed-linen range so make sure to keep in touch with them via the links above.