At last year’s Google I/O, Google and Levi’s announced Project Jacquard, a collaboration to create a ‘smart fabric’ that can turn any article of clothing internet-connected. This year, Levi’s and Google have announced that the Jacquard jacket will soon be available for sale to the general public.
Levi-Google-Jacquard-JacketThe Jacquard smart jacket looks like your average denim jacket, but will allow wearers to answer phones, access navigation, control music, and more. The conductive fabric is sewn into the arm, and turns the cuff into a swipeable surface you can use to control apps from your jacket.


Switching between songs, accessing directions, answering calls or just talking to your personal assistant has never been easier. I’m thinking of picking myself up a Boosted Board so something that lets you access emails and apps on the move without too many distractions gets a thumb up from me.

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