A little bit of rain is to be expected in London but during fashion week? The style gods really do have a sense of humour. You may have seen a few of our previous posts from fashion week (Girls / Guys) but it’s always interesting to get a new perspective. This is why I wanted to share these pictures with you, taken during LFW by the super talented folks over at Farfetch.

London Fashion Week 2016

It seems someone has taken a note out of Bill Cunningham school of street photography by focusing on the details as it’s the small things that make an outfit stand out. We subconciously look at shoes whether we like it or not so it was fantastic to see such a diverse display on offer.

LFW 2016 – All In The Details

Sometimes it pays to get a little bit wet and it’s fantastic to see real fashionistas undaunted by the weather. With LCM just around the corner and LFW hitting full stride in September I hope to see many familiar faces. Don’t be shy, come say hi.

farfetch-logoFarfetch is a revolutionary way to buy fashion, bringing together hundreds of the world’s best independent designer boutiques. Make sure to give them a try next time you’re in the mood for some retail therapy.