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We all love to travel, but travelling in style is a different matter. The stresses of airports, connecting journeys and delays can all negatively effect the experience which is why it’s essential to have a perfect carry-on travel companion. As men we’re still not completely comfortable with the idea of carrying around a bag which is why companies such as Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker have brought out a fresh range of luxury travel bags to suit your needs. So lets break them down, what are the 2 essential styles of travel bag you need:

Men’s Satchel Bags

Perfect for a short business trip or local travel. Great satchel bags are defined by their quality of leather and durability, of course great leather will last many years and add character to the satchel bag. Satchel bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes but what you’re really looking for is something with durability, style and plenty of inside space.

A twist on the classic luxury travel satchel is something called a zatchel. These are usually traditionally made and have a much more retro look and feel with leather straps and inside lining.

A satchel is perfect go-to travel bag for a day trip into town because of it’s versatility and city aesthetic.

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Weekend Travel Bags

The classic tried and tested weekend holdall has never let me down. Whether you’re travelling or just going to the gym these usually bulky bags are a great companion. Manufactured specifically for men (unlike satchels) weekend holdall bags can work almost with any outfit such as a full suit, a simple mini-shorts and t-shirt combo or a more recent trend of thick outerwear and skinny jeans.

Weekend holdalls are the perfect travel bag as they’re relatively compact so you don’t have to lug them around and they easily fit into overhead lockers. When choosing the right bag for yourself I would advise to buy one with a detachable leather strap that way you can play around with it’s look to go with your chosen outfit.


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1 – Ted Baker Nylon and Leather Mix Holdall Charcoal

2 – Mulberry Henry Gym Bag Black Textured Nylon

Luxury Travel Bags Lookbook

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