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One of the many reasons Rolex watches are as famous and beloved as they are is the mechanics of the watch. These timepieces do not require batteries to operate, and unlike typical watches that tick the time away, Rolex models are silent. Let’s take a deeper look at the mechanics of these world-renowned watches.

pre owned used rolex watch

Hidden Away

The perpetual movement of a Rolex watch is “hidden away” in its waterproof case. This means movement is invisible to the watch’s wearer. Such chronometric performance is celebrated as a “work of art, a magnificent miniature universe, a myriad of shapes, forms, volumes, colors and surfaces, some polished, some satin-finished, others circular-grained.”

Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute-Certified

The perpetual, self-winding movements of the Rolex watch are “rigorously certified as chronometers” by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The watch endures 15 days (and nights) of testing before certification, and must demonstrate “extreme precision” regardless of temperatures and positions. A chronograph is defined as a “watch equipped with an additional mechanism that makes it possible to measure short periods of time with stop, start and reset functions.” As of 1951, the chronometer designation is exclusively for timepieces featuring a certificate issued by one of several Swiss Official Watch Rating Centers. The red Rolex seal that comes with each watch reads “Officially Certified Chronometer.”

Guardian of Time

Rolex notes the oscillator present in their mechanical watches function as “the guardian of time.” Comprised of a balance wheel and a hairspring, this component “determines the precision of the watch by the regularity of its oscillations.” Rolex’s blue Parachrom hairspring is a proverbial cut above typical oscillator hairsprings, which are made of ferromagnetic alloys. These alloys leave hairsprings susceptible to shock and magnetic field interruption. Rolex’s Parachrom spring is made from a paramagnetic alloy, making it 10 times more resistant to shock and resistant to magnetic fields. It subsequently guarantees accuracy. So if you own a used or preowned Rolex there is no need to go out and buy a battery. Just wear the watch and start winding the chronometer back up.

Pre Owned Rolex Inspiration

pre owned used rolex watch inspiration

1 – Pre-Owned Vintage Original Rolex Mens Two Tone 1601 Datejust Watch

(Champagne Stick Dial – Fluted Bezel- Brown Leather Strap)

2 – Pre-Owned Rolex Ladies Oyster Perpetual Watch

(No Date Two Tone With A Black Stick Dial On A Jubilee Band)

3 – Pre-Owned Rolex Mens Datejust Watch

(Two Tone Silver Stick Dial & Fluted Bezel On A Leather Strap)