What do you love about your city? If you ponder the question long enough I bet the true answer will surprise you. It’s not the expensive restaurants and overpriced cocktails but the people and those priceless experiences. I’ve talked about my love for the Victoria Embankment in the past (and I shot one of my first lookbooks here not too long ago) so it’s of little surprise that I find myself here again.

victoria embankment london

Victoria Embankment

victoria embankment bridge

victoria embankment architecture

victoria embankment marketdivision collective lucyanton dee london

Model Walk

I was joined by a fellow partner in crime Lucy who also runs her own blog LJLV. After a trip to the Tate Modern to learn about the art of movement we decided to put the information to good use. Braving the elements we shot some small videos that I added to my weekly vlog below. It’s a little rough around the edges but feedback is always welcome.


withings smartwatch activite steel-17

My trusty Withings Activite smartwatch was of course by my side. If you need a lightweight timepiece that helps you stay in shape and regulate your sleep schedule then look no further.

As someone who used to get around 5 hours of sleep a night and little exercise this small addition to my life has been a lifesaver.

Get yours here – www.withings.com/us/en/products/activite-steel

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