Every year people boldly claim that ‘print is dead’ and here we are in 2015 still buying newspapers and magazines. Granted, the overall sales have definitely slumped but there’s something about physically holding a magazine or a book that technology just can’t replace. iPads and Kindles come close but they’re not the real thing.

The question we have to ask ourselves is, do we actually want the real thing? Why do we strive to have something we already have – only slightly improved? We, as consumers are expressing desires for more tangible experiences that modern technology can provide us with. Instead of thinking of what digital lacks in comparison to a magazine you can hold, why not question what digital experiences can offer that other mediums simply cannot?

rihanna digital magazine another mag amq

Imagine for a second one of the first times you bought a magazine and were eager to run home, put on your favourite album and start flicking through the pages. In an attempt to merge the worlds of print and digital, AnOther Magazine and Alexander McQueen have released a revolutionary first: a high-definition, moving magazine cover with a bespoke soundtrack compiled by John Gosling

The magazine itself offers a look into the world of interactive publishing, combining visual and interactive elements of the tablet with the nostalgia of traditional media. The moving cover uses LED screen technology and features a bare, dancing Rihanna whom you can pause and rewind to your hearts content. The magazine was on sale in Selfridges, London this weekend so if you have no inclination of spending $125 on this bit of table furniture you can check out my quick video below:

AnOther Magazine ‘A View of the Future’ with Alexander McQueen & Rihanna

This innovative magazine experience brings together the worlds of fashion, technology, publishing and music and features over 400 pages of fabulous content around style and fashion, designer interviews, literature and more. Only 1000 numbered editions will exist and Digital Limited Edition is available from March 5 for £125/125 euros from Selfridges, Colette and Yoox.


rihanna digital magazine another mag amq

Another Magazine ‘A View of the Future’ Details