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Welcome to the world that exists in the artist Simon Stålenhag’s mind, a world of rural 80’s Sweden where children and robots roam the countryside. Hold on, what? I fell in love with these pieces as soon as I saw them, being somewhat of a robotics geek I could only imagine what it would be like to have them living right beside us. This alternate universe that Simon has created was inspired by the sci-fi movies he watched as a kid growing up in the rural areas around Stockholm.

The juxtaposition between the bitter and cold reality and the promise that comes with future sci-fi tech is beautifully portrayed, the technology is not intrusive, rather the subjects are comfortable with it being a part of their lives. Many of you who have played games such as Half-Life and to some extend Borderlands/Rust will understand the universe that Simon Stålenhag has tried to create within these sci-fi paintings.

To find out more about Simon’s work please check out the details below:

Simon Stålenhag Details