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We’re currently in the heat of the summer, which means many of us have been flaunting our dewy tan skin and summer bods loud and proud and making our way outside to enjoy the sunshine. For the ladies who are a bit behind and need a little catch up on what’s hot this season, here are the summer essentials every woman should own:

Summer Essentials 1 – A Versatile Bikini

Aside from the shorts and flip flops, your next go-to attire in the summer is none other than a bikini. But we all know finding the right bikini is the tricky part, not to mention things can get pretty pricey for such a small couple pieces of cloth. Buy a versatile bikini so you can change up the look and get the most out of it. Bikinis that offer various strap-tying options or reversible patterns help you steer clear of being a repeat offender, especially if you’re hitting up the beach, pool or waves, morning, day and night, all summer long.

bikini 7 Summer Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Summer Essentials 2 – Cool, Easy Slip-On Sneakers

When you’re in sandal mode during the summer, you get in the habit of not lacing up. You don’t have to give that up when your day calls for some non, open-toed shoes. A trendy pair of TOMS linen slip-ons should do the trick. They’ll still keep your feet cool for the summer while making it easy to slip into and out of. Plus, you’re helping out a good cause with the brand’s One for One program that gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need when you buy a pair yourself.

plimsols slip ons 7 Summer Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Summer Essentials 3 – Weekender Bag

Summertime is all about weekend excursions, spontaneous road trips and vacation. Invest in a weekend duffel bag or weekender bag to make lugging around your essentials a lot more convenient. These types of bags are the perfect size for packing what you need for a shorter trip and also have strategically placed pockets and zippered compartments to keep everything compact and the use of space efficient.

travel weekender bag 7 Summer Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Summer Essentials 4 – Summer-weight Sweatshirt

It may seem weird to put a sweatshirt on the summer essentials list, but if you really think about it, a sweatshirt is almost always necessary when there’s unpredictable indoor temperatures in the mix (think- freezing cold air blasting from the AC. Try an oversized sweater to throw over your summer attire, or make a fashion statement by wearing a guy’s sweatshirt, like a Chubbie’s summerweight sweatshirt, made with fabric that keeps you the perfect temperature for when the day cools down or you head into an air-conditioned mall.

sweatshirt 7 Summer Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Summer Essentials 5 – Classic Sunglasses

Sunglasses complete a summer look perfectly, and classic sunglasses like the Rayban Wayfarers give you an extra classy edge. The frames frame your face and the reliable lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, letting you look cool while seeing the sites of summer crystal clear.


Summer Essentials 6 – Romper

Everyone loves a good romper. And summer time is extra conducive to wearing them. Get a trendy one that can work both day and night when you dress it up or down with accessories and makeup. Hello Molly, an Australian fashion brand, offers a wide array of “Playsuit” rompers that are free-flowing and sexy—perfect for summertime fun.

7 Summer Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Summer Essentials 7 – Straw Sunhat

7. Straw Sunhat
A nice, floppy sunhat made with straw works great for a day at the horseraces, on the beach or in the park. It offers maximum coverage to protect your skin from the sun and also give you a stylish, sophisticated air of class. The bigger the better and more heads you might turn with this one.

straw hat 7 Summer Essentials Every Woman Should Own

This summer, get the essentials you need to have the most fun in the sun. Whether it’s your outfit or the accessories that are made for sunny weather, get the summer goods that’ll set you up for the best summer yet.

Guest Writer – Samantha Rivers

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