Brianna Lantz style inspiration

Hi guys, something new I want to start posting on Style Division is this ‘Inspiration Collection’ series. I always get approached to blog about X or Y but usually only if I see something visually appealing do I have an urge to write about it. If you’re a blogger yourself you know how difficult it is to dedicate a considerable amount of time to writing and the day would have to last 50 hours just to fit in all your topics of interest.

The ‘Inspiration Collection’ posts will not be regular nor have they currently got a theme but within these posts I want to outline the work, images or sounds that resonated and inspired me in some way.¬†Enjoy.

‘Jaws’ from the Penguin Horror book series by Tom Lenartowicz
Single line drawing by Paolo Ceric

Brianna Lantz visual inspirationBrianna Lantz style inspiration

Brianna Lantz photo
Brianna Lantz



Chantal Anderson photography
Chantal Anderson Photography

So here we go guys, just a little something to get you started. Make sure to keep an eye out for the next¬†‘Inspiration Collection’!