Have you ever found your phone running out of charge during important times in your day? Or how about places such as festivals that really don’t make it easy to recharge our pocket laptops? Well the XOO wearable tech belt from Nifty aims to solve the modern problem of smartphone battery lives by charging your phone, anytime and anywhere.

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The belt contains a cutting-edge flexible battery, the first of its kind in wearable tech. Ultra safe and unreactive, completely invisible and clocking in at 2,100mAh of power which is enough to fully charge an iPhone 6 (the belt works with both microUSB (e.g. Android) or Lightning cable (Apple) devices).

The belt strap is made with full-grain leather, polished zinc buckles and an innovative ratchet mechanism shows that the belt was designed as a wearable you’ll actually want to wear. Your phone is charged via a small charging wire that is magnetically (and invisibly) nestled against the inside of the belt when not in use. Flick down to reveal, plug it in and pop your phone in your pocket—then carry on about your day.

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British design house Casely-Hayford have teamed up with Nifty and the belt was showcased at the Casely-Hayford LCM show a few weeks ago (you can read my post about the London Collections Men event here). What I found intriguing about the belt is that it did not look ostentatious or make itself stand out unnecessarily which is exactly what you want from an accessory for the modern man; it doesn’t get in the way but is mighty useful when the situation calls for it.

Having been interested in technology and wearables in general for the past couple of years it’s great to see companies such as Nifty make their way onto catwalks and showcasing the potential ubiquitous nature of wearables. The underlying point of technology is to make our lives easier so the same principles should be applied to wearable tech. It seems my sentiment is spreading throughout the industry as Joe Casely-Hayford commented:

What interested me in terms of this project is the idea of fusion between design and tech making a product which seamlessly assimilates into an everyday wardrobe, rather than a cliché techie kind of gizmo which is a kitchen drawer product.

That’s not to say the road ahead isn’t long as shown by the recent developments in Google Glass or the disappointing sales of smart-watches yet the positive signs are appearing. Computers will naturally get cheaper, faster and smaller so it’s only a matter of time before our clothes are littered with tiny wires and sensors. Who knows, maybe the belt you buy from Topman in 2020 will have a built-in smartphone charging option.

XOO Belt by Nifty – Details

The XOO belt launched on Indiegogo on the 18th of November. With guidance on materials and manufacturing provided by a quintessentially British brand, XOO are set to launch three more styles of the product. If you would like to know more or wish to preorder the belt before it’s 2015 release make sure you visit these links:



XOO Belt by Nifty – Inspiration

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