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Let’s start out with a question. How much money do you spend every month on things you don’t even need? From over priced designer clothes to that £3 coffee on your way to work? In the end it all adds up and the unnecessary purchases we make can actually end up biting us in the rear. Once in a while you need to spend money on someone other than yourself although it can be hard when there is no outright benefit (basic human nature is not a kind mistress).

1:Face Watch believes that one person can literally change the world. Millions of people need food, medical attention and clean water and there are millions more that can help change that. One person has the power to feed a child, quench a thirst and find a cure to an illness and this is exactly where you come in.

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Move beyond the basic wristband to show your support for a cause that’s close to your heart with a sleek digital watch. 1:Face comes in nine different colors – each representing a different issue: hunger, water, breast cancer, cancer, the environment and more. With every purchase, you’ll be able to help individuals and communities and sometimes there’s no better feeling.

The watches are designed at the Mirza Minds headquarters in Chicago and assembled in China. There is a 3-month warranty if the watch is defective from the manufacturer or if it is broken in shipping. And all watches are 3ATM water resistant which means you can take the watch up to 96 feet under the water.

My chosen colour was orange which ensured a loving home for 1 animal out there in the world. It was hard to choose one cause over another but with the recent news of Cecil the lion and rise in poaching I felt that some little furry creature really needed my help. So don’t wait too long, make sure you visit the 1:Face website and support a charity of your choice.

My 1:Face watch joined me on my trip to Montengero last week and it was the perfect companion during our 7 active days in this forgotten Balkan state. I somehow managed to lose my phone so the post next week will be a little light on visuals but here’s a little preview of the beauty that surrounded us:

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london architecture london eyeDid you enjoy that? What colour watch will you choose? Make sure to check out my Natural History Lookbook and follow Style Division to keep up to date. Until next time!