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Over the past few years there has been a surge of fashion and technology amalgamating together to form what has come to be known as fashtech. Wearable entertainment items fused with clothing has become the latest trend sweeping across the world. Leading the way was of course Apple’s iWatch and Google’s Glasses, each having varying levels of success, but those were only the beginning. Wearable tech is taking off in such a way that other brands have taken note and are teeming with ideas.

Recently the CES 2016 event showcased many of these upcoming inventions, and with such a vast amount to pick from, we have carefully chosen our top 3 standout fashtech pieces from the show:


One such brand at the forefront of this pairing of clothing and technology is Samsung, not exactly a stranger to ever advancing technology, the brand has stepped into the fashion ring with a line of smart clothing. Leading the pack is their smartsuit, something you could envision MI6 creating for a certain double 0 Agent.

The cuff of the suit contains a near field communication chip enabling instant connection to your smart phone, boasting features and tasks such as exchanging business cards to clients or simply unlocking your phone as you remove it from your pocket. In the future, it is touted as being able to make payments with a flick of your cuff.


In addition to the suit, Samsung also unveiled a shirt with the NFC chip, primarily aimed at golf enthusiasts, giving up to date weather reports so they know just how long to play on course. Additionally monitoring your heart and breathing to keep a check on your health.


Next up we have the Orphe shoes, a spectacular pair of sneakers featuring LED lighting. Purchase Levitra online https://www.caladrius.com/levitra/ review. With a stark contrast to the endless fitness based fashtech shoes at the show, these are purely for entertainment purposes. The lights can adapt to the surrounding music, changing colours to the beat, ideal for dancing away at your local nightclub. The colours can also be manually changed via your smartphone, connected by Bluetooth. You thought Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers were out there, think again!

led shoes fashtech sneakers

Another interesting feature is the inclusion of a 9-Axis motion sensor, enabling the shoes to record the movements of the user and whenever the shoe touches the floor. This feature is so the user can record ‘scenes’ to be able to share with others, the data produced is a combination of light, sound and movement. The final cool addition is the ability to add sound effects to when the shoe touches the floor, thus a virtual tap dance shoe can be created. Available in both white and black, a perfect plain canvas to showcase the illumination of the lights.

CES – 2016 Memoni Memory Mirror

Finally, we have the Memoni Memory Mirror, personally this one is the most exciting and could potentially change how we shop for clothes in the future! This device can actually change the colour of the clothing product you are wearing whilst viewed in the mirror. No need to try on endless colours to get the right one for you! With a simple hand gesture or using a mobile app you can scroll through an unlimited selection of different colours and hues.


It also gives a full 360 degree view of the clothing as your reflection twists and turns. Hopefully soon department stores will start taking advantage of this unbelievable tech and begin implementing it. This could cut down shopping time in half and definitely something to keep an eye on.

This post was written by Adam, a fashion, technology and retro gaming lover from the UK. Adam co-owns and writes menswear articles for Fashion Runway, a blog dedicated to designer and luxury fashion.